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Created by Gene Ambaum

PATCH PREORDER: If you Preorder either of the sets of patches, your credit card will be charged now and your entire order will ship in late October. If your order does not include either set of patches, I will ship your order ASAP. I'm currently shipping 2-3 times per week. Do not leave items in your shopping card and order later -- they may be out of stock. For best results order immediately. SHIPPING: - Cost is based on the weight of your items + where you live. - If shipping shows as $150, that's because I've never shipped to your country or because you've placed an order for a huge amount of stuff. Email me and I'll figure out what actual shipping will cost, and I'll charge you that. I can either give you a credit after you've placed your order (just email me), or you can wait and place your order after I add the weight/destination to the store. - If you're interested in an epic amount of stuff for your staff or store, please email me.