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Created by Gene Ambaum

FAQ: PATCH SETS ARE BACK IN STOCK. SHIPPING: 2-3 times per week ! ORDER CONFIRMATION and other emails from this system will thank you for supporting Read Something -- Readers' Advisory Card Deck no matter what you ordered. Just ignore this. Sorry for the confusion, I can't change it. RESTOCK: Most stuff coming in August or thereabouts, depending on supply chain issues. ORDER IMMEDIATELY: Do not leave items in your shopping card and order later -- they may be out of stock, which means I'll have to send you a disappointing email. For best results order as soon as you put items in your cart. SHIPPING: - Cost is based on the weight of your items + where you live. - If shipping shows as $150, that's because I've never shipped to your country or because you've placed an order for a huge amount of stuff. Email me and I'll figure out what actual shipping will cost, and I'll charge you that. I can either give you a credit after you've placed your order (just email me), or you can wait and place your order after I add the weight/destination to the store. - If you're interested in an epic amount of stuff for your staff or store, please email me. - NOT CURRENTLY SHIPPING TO NEW ZEALAND or IRELAND. Sorry, I'm not sure what's up with the US Postal Service