Library Comic Store

Created by Gene Ambaum

* International orders will get a free mask for every $35 unless it increases postage. Free mask may be the blue bookish mask or one of the winged book masks. Stay safe! Shipping 2-3 times per week. Do not leave items in your shopping card and order later -- they may be out of stock. For best results order immediately. SHIPPING: - Cost is based on the weight of your items + where you live. - If shipping shows as $150 for your country or because you've placed a huge order, I'll figure out what actual shipping is and give you a credit (if it's less) before I charge your card. - If you're interested in an epic amount of stuff for your staff or store, please email me. BONUS IF YOU ORDER A BUNCH OF STUFF! If I have to use a flat-rate Priority Mail box to send your order to a US address, I'll throw in a few extras from my garage, including books, classic merchandise and/or random stuff (most of it geeky).