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SHIPPING: - Currently shipping 1-2 times per week. -- Library Tarot cards should be back in stock in August. QUESTIONS? [email protected] FAQ: -- Orders over $30 (not including shipping) get a free READ TO LIVE patch while supplies last. Free patch will not appear in your shopping cart, it will be added manually later. - All items shown are in-stock. - Bumper Stickers ship in a photo mailer either with the other items you order or alone, in a separate envelope, if we deem that less likely to result in damage. - Patches: pictures of sets attempt to show the relative sizes of these. (The store banner is less accurate.) See individual patches for a more complete description. Email me if you have any questions. - All patches have iron-on backing. Read individual patch listings for details about each. ORDER CONFIRMATION and other emails from this system will thank you for supporting Read Something -- Readers' Advisory Card Deck no matter what you ordered. Just ignore this. Sorry for the confusion, I can't change it. PLEASE ORDER IMMEDIATELY: Do not leave items in your shopping card and order later -- they may be out of stock if you do. For best results order right after adding items to your cart. SHIPPING: - Cost is based on the weight of your items + where you live. - If shipping shows as $150, that's because I've never shipped to your country or because you've placed an order for a huge amount of stuff. Email me and I'll figure out what actual shipping will cost, and I'll charge you that. I can either give you a credit after you've placed your order (just email me), or you can wait and place your order after I add the weight/destination to the store. - If you're interested in an epic amount of stuff for your staff or store, please email me. RETURNED PACKAGES: If your package is returned to use because you provided an undeliverable address, we will either 1) refund your purchase less the shipping charges or 2) reship the package at your expense (you'll need to pay the shipping again). Sales tax is included in the price for Washington State sales.

Latest Updates from Our Project:

We're getting close!
almost 4 years ago – Mon, Aug 17, 2020 at 02:04:59 PM

Thanks to another amazing week of pledges, we're now in shouting distance of the stretch goal for free masks!  I'll be sending an update in the next few days so you can start voting on the color.

My most treasured advisory title is Getting Graphic by Michele Gorman. I had wanted to meet her for years, and I finally did at a party celebrating the end of Terry Moore's run on Strangers in Paradise. (She was in tears. She mocked me for drinking a White Russian.) We became fast friends, still hang out whenever we're in the same town, and she even gave me the honor of presiding over her wedding ceremony. So my advice: if someone's book means a lot to you, tell them. 

What advisory book, professional or not, do you recommend? Is there a story behind it?


almost 4 years ago – Fri, Aug 07, 2020 at 12:14:08 AM

What book would you recommend if you got this card?

Thanks again to all of you for pledging and for pledging early! We're going to do our best to finalize the designs and submit the cards to the printer in the next week, well ahead of schedule. 

We're well on our way to the stretch goal as well. When we get close, I'll start asking for your input into which color mask you'd like. (Turnaround time for ordering the masks is much shorter than for the cards, so we have more time to figure that out.)

Today's card is magical which makes me think of how this campaign is going and a YA novel I read recently, When We Were Magic by Sarah Gailey. The book has a hilarious opening scene, the grisly aftermath of a young woman, Alexis, trying to lose her virginity in a post-prom hookup. The boy's penis exploded when she tried to put a condom on him. Her friends, who are also magic, have to help her deal with the aftermath. It's not your typical teen romance, obviously, but it's about friendship and it's got a great love story, too. (Gailey also wrote the amazing hippos-and-"cowfolk" book River of  Teeth as well.) 

What book does magical make you think of? Anything I should read? 


almost 4 years ago – Sat, Aug 01, 2020 at 05:27:13 PM

Thanks so much to all of you for supporting this idea I had -- it's great to see you're all excited about it, too! The Read Something cards funded in just a few hours, and now we're heading toward the  $12k stretch goal.  

I'm going for a long bike ride now, but I'll add a comment to this update later today or early tomorrow with my favorite "popular" book and a quick pitch for it.  Please do the same if you're so inclined.

Have a great weekend!